Cuckatoo32 is a proof-of-work algorithm based on Cukoo Cycle, which makes it energy efficient (it requires less power than other PoW algorithms). It ensures true decentralization, which lays the foundation for future scalability.

The Cuckatoo32 algorithm is designed to be memory-hard, meaning that it requires a large amount of memory to solve. The idea behind this is to make the algorithm resistant to specialized hardware such as Application-Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) that are optimized for a specific task, and make it more accessible for general-purpose hardware like a CPU or GPU to mine on.

The Cuckatoo32 algorithm works by finding cycles in a sparse graph. Specifically, it looks for cycles of length 32 in a bipartite graph, which is made up of two sets of nodes. Each node in the first set is connected to a number of nodes in the second set, and the goal is to find a cycle that includes all the nodes in the first set.

Coins that can be mined with Cuckatoo32:


Best devices to mine Cuckatoo32