X11 is a proof-of-work (PoW) algorithm that is used to secure a number of different blockchain networks. It is named X11 because it uses a combination of 11 different hashing algorithms in a specific order. The idea behind X11 is to make it more resistant to the use of specialized ASIC mining hardware, as the use of multiple algorithms makes it difficult to create an ASIC that is optimized for all of them. The specific algorithms used in X11 are:

  1. blake
  2. bmw
  3. groestl
  4. jh
  5. keccak
  6. skein
  7. luffa
  8. cubehash
  9. shavite
  10. simd
  11. echo
The order in which these algorithms are used is fixed and does not change like it does in X16R. The use of multiple algorithms also makes X11 more resistant to a potential future algorithm-specific attack as it would require the attacker to break multiple algorithms. X11 is known for its energy efficiency and the ability to be mined by consumer-grade hardware like GPUs. It is widely used by a number of different projects, such as Dash, Pura and Startcoin.

Coins that can be mined with X11:

Veles[x11] ARC Dash

Best devices to mine X11