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ARION Masternodes are based on the DASH code and offer scalable, stable, reliable and secure transactions. The code is Open-source, peer 2 peer, decentralised and has functionality included like *Instantsend, Privatesend and *Dark Gravity Wave technology. With the help of a Well-known and Trusted Team, ARION was developed to be a High-End, High Value coin with a sustainable APR and long-term investment in mind. The goal is to use ARION as a payment solution. Authors want to make from going to your grocer, to buying your bread and milk, to buying a new car or home, a simple and effortless transaction. Aiming to make your “Crypto” integrate effortlessly into your everyday transactions, using QR code scanning technology and ARION debit cards to scan or swipe at all major retailers. Source:

Best devices to mine Arion