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Veles is open-source software project that aims to help the Internet community to improve freedom of access to information, to prevent Internet censorship, and to improve anonymity of the communications on the Internet. We believe that blockchain technology, introduced by Satoshi Nakamoto and further advanced by many other developers, such as the Dash team which introduced masternode system, can help us to build more fairly distributed, reliable and robust networks. Existing open-source technologies for providing anonymous connection based on onion- networking are build upon concept of simple volunteer networks. One of the main ideas behind blockchain is using game theory models to build self-supporting networks, where participants are economically incentivized to support it. We belive that merging the advantages of this new technological and economical concepts with years battle-proofed foundations for anonymization of the communications over networks already laid by thousands of cypherpunks and hackers could be the right way to achieve the vision of Veles project and to move the technology that helps the Internet community another little step forward.

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